Nas - The World Is Yours

20 years of Illmatic! Take a moment to spin a classic.


rob a house, leave a note: ‘it’s weird and sucks that i robbed you’


Rose Byrne & Heath Ledger, Las Vegas 1999. Photographed by Rupert Thorpe. 


spoon me while we watch bobs burgers until I fall asleep and drool all over you plz

I sometimes worry that serious music can only be served by serious talk, or worse, that people who like serious music can only have serious reasons for doing so. The truth is that you will probably meet just as many shallow people at a National show as you will at a Miley Cyrus show, the difference being that people at the National show are more likely to think they’re important, while people at a Miley Cyrus show are more likely to think they’re having fun.

Mike Powell talks about what we mean when we talk about pop music with his Pitch piece "It’s Not What You Like But How You Like It". (via pitchfork)